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Hen and Friend and Me Makes Three

4 May

Gender neutrality. Can we truly ever have gender neutral societies? Or just ultra liberal, politically correct societies? Why can’t we all just be people?

My head is swimming in a pool of confusion. Do I really long for a simpler time when guys were guys and girls were girls and no one dared to question those invisible lines that separated our species into two distinct camps?

Hen is the new Swedish word that is an expression of gender neutrality. Instead of saying “boys and girls” or “men and women” or “ladies and gents”…it’s just “hen”. If a child is just a child and we don’t want to offend the child by identifying its gender…we say “hen”. Right? I thought hens were female chickens. Or maybe I’m just too American to wrap my head around a new word.

To me, the whole gender neutral thing is just odd because I don’t see what people are making such a fuss about. I wouldn’t care if I had a son and he wanted to wear a dress up gown and child sized heels around the house. Just like I wouldn’t give a rip if my little girl wanted to run around shirtless and play in the dirt.

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