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Hey Interwebs!

21 Feb

This is FATAL Sequence.

It’s still a work in progress, so please forgive the overall sketchiness. If you have questions, comments or suggestions hit up the contact form.

FATAL Sequence is a collaborative effort between alogica, the philosophical zombie-hunter, and applecore, the sarcastic fact-seeker. Post topics could be about anything, especially late at night.

The name FATAL Sequence is taken from the quote attributed most often to Alexander Tytler, although it was more likely written by Henning Webb Prentis, Jr.

“The historical cycle seems to be:
– from bondage to spiritual faith;
– from spiritual faith to courage;
– from courage to liberty;
– from liberty to abundance;
– from abundance to selfishness;
– from selfishness to apathy;
– from apathy to dependency;
and from dependency back to bondage once more.”

We believe our country is in a state of apathy – zombification – and slipping toward dependency. Our goal is to fight this apathy, to “put a stop to the zombie masses” with the shotgun of reality. Like Will Smith in I Am Legend, we plan to fashion interweb booby-traps to capture the masses and develop an antidote to the horrific brain-feasting by the medi… well, you get it. We just want you to think – to assess your subconscious assumptions, and maybe learn something new in the process.

If we can restore even one zombie to a healthy, self-aware human, it will be worth it.