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Consciously Objecting To The Concept of Happiness

22 Jun

Summer is here. I hear the sounds of the children playing at the day care center across the way. Their giggles, their cries, their screams, their sighs. I hear it all when I’m out tending to my plants. They play in the sprinklers, shriek as they slide down the slip n slide. They fight over toys and dump buckets of water on each other. It’s idyllic, peaceful, a nice piece of suburbia where all the kids are lily white and all the lawns are kept real nice.

That’s one side of life, the good life that some of us strive to live. We want to be good examples, good neighbors, happy people. Sometimes we smile and fake it. Other times we’re legit because we’ve made it. Here lately I have been questioning it all. What does it take to be happy? What is happiness anyway?

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