This is a project I’ve wanted to embark on for a long time. I’ve noticed while reading blog articles that sometimes the author refers to an acronym without ever defining it. Evidently they assume the reader knows – but what if they don’t?

Then this guide is for you. I’ll add acronyms as I think of them/see them – if you notice something I’ve missed, let me know here.

  • ACV – apple cider vinegar
  • BS – baking soda (usually in combo with ACV)
  • CF – casein-free
  • CLO – cod liver oil
  • EVOO – extra-virgin olive oil
  • FCLO – fermented cod liver oil
  • GAPS – Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Diet)
  • GF – gluten-free
  • GFCF – gluten-free, casein-free
  • SCD – specific carbohydrate diet
  • SCOBY – Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast
    (i.e. mother/mushroom/starter, usually referring to kombucha)
  • WAP / WAPFWeston A. Price Foundation


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