I aim to put a stop to the zombie masses. If I can’t stop them from reproducing and spawning a new generation of zomblets, then I will have to settle for planting seeds of revolution in the minds of those who stumble upon this blog. I’m not what you’d expect. In fact, I’m very far from it. I’m not some cool tatted artiste (that would be Applecore). I’m sure that most people would peg me as a mouth-breathing Wal-mart shopper if they saw me in the flesh. Such is life and who am I to deny my background?

I believe in God and I don’t put Jesus and John Lennon in the same category. I’m a self-confessed nerd who also loves the things that most people hate (physics, math, computers) and dislikes the things that many people love (video games, Twilight, most of the line-up of Adult Swim). I never liked Firefly and I don’t watch Dr. Who. I’m sure that most people would take away my nerd card if they knew that I don’t take sides on the Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate, although I do agree with George Takei’s stance….we should all pursue Star Peace (and get rid of teenage vamp drama ASAP.)


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